Sometimes Band-Aids Hurt More

If you have ever had to keep putting a Band-Aid on the same wound for a few days in a row, you may have experience what I mean. Sometimes Band-Aids hurt more. They hurt more than the injury they were created to cover. After using a Band-Aid over and over, eventually the skin that the … Continue reading Sometimes Band-Aids Hurt More


Tell Me Your Thesis

As an English teacher, I love the idea of my life having a thesis. Hopefully you remember what a thesis statement is from your glorious school days that you imagine so fondly with rainbows and cotton candy. Wink, wink. Without getting too technical, a thesis statement is the main idea of an essay or an … Continue reading Tell Me Your Thesis


It started with┬áThe Bachelorette. Actually, it started before that with a book recommendation from my friend Laurie. No, this startling journey really started way before all that when I was riding a skateboard. Now lemme tell ya, I used to think I was hot stuff riding my skateboard. I don't even remember how I decided … Continue reading Beginnings…