Hi, I’m Lauren. Or Ms. Stovall as my students call me.

I started this blog out of a desire to dig up the talents God has given me and use them for His glory. I have sat on the sidelines for much of my life, quietly doing “the right thing”. But God has been unfreezing my soul like Han Solo waking up from the carbonite in Star Wars. First, Jesus saved me, and God called me to do missions. Then, years later, the Holy Spirit told me, “It’s time to get serious.” Then, it was like ba-bam! write a book, go overseas, write a blog.

 Whew! And He is just getting started…

So this is the blog. This is me pouring out my sometimes dirty, silly, or pensive parts of myself for you. I would love for the world to read about the crazy adventures God takes me on as I dip my feet into the future, but this blog is for the two or three. It’s for me and you (and maybe a friend). It’s for the two or three gathered together in God’s name, because here God will be in our midst. (Matthew 18:20)